Replacement Eurocylinder Locks

How should a eurocylinder be correctly fitted?  Usually one of the more straightforward jobs in the world of locks, but there are a huge number of very badly fitted lock barrels or 'eurocylinders'.  If you look at the example in the picture, the lock can be seen to protrude noticeably from the door.  The lock should in fact be fitted flush with the door.  This is not just for neatness!  If the lock protrudes too much, it is extremely vulnerable to a criminal attack known as lock snapping.  Even if you have one of the modern anti-snap locks, it will do you no good if it is too large for the door you are putting it in.  A locksmith has to measure very carefully and carry an extensive stock of euroclinder replacements in order to get the job just right, and that's not counting all the other complications that can arise.

Take a walk around Birmingham and Solihull and you will start noticing there are really silly amounts of doors fitted with such vulnerable locks.  If you need to get your locks replaced, make sure it is done properly by a locksmith who can also advise you on the type of cylinder to suit you and what security level is appropriate to your setting.  If you have just taken a look at your own door lock and feel a bit unsure, just give me a call on 07548 989 151 and I will be happy to visit and help you out.

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