Common Lock Problems For The Householder


Many lock problems can begin with something that is not a major issue and is relatively straightforward for a locksmith to fix. Unfortunately, when you carry on regardless with a lock problem, it will most likely turn into a more lengthy and expensive emergency! Better to get a locksmith onto your lock or door issue at the start rather than wait until you suddenly have an emergency with your lock that is turning into a critical security situation.

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Key Won't Turn! :-/

There can be many many reasons that a key decides it will not turn in the lock. A key that is overly worn, or even a new key in a worn lock, will mean a replacement lock might be a timely choice. You are in danger of breaking your key and/or being locked out!

Alternatively, it could be nothing to do with your lock or your key. Locksmiths frequently deal with faults, wear or even seasonal changes that can make your door stuck within its frame and unable to open (or unable to close!). This will sometimes cause your key to not rotate, and leave you once again in danger of breaking your key and having a security emergency. CraftLock locksmiths will help you find the best solution to keep you safe and problem free.


Door Won't Close!! :-(

Door not closing? You don't need to have much imagination to see that this quite quickly becomes an emergency! Again, you'll be thinking about the heating bills and be desperate to force it shut, however this could land you with a lot more lock problem than what you started with! There could be many causes for this, so to be safe, don't hesitate to call me and we can make you safe for the night in the quickest time possible.


Broken Key!!! :-[

Oh no! As you will have learned so far, all manner of things could have caused that key to be a bit stiff in the lock. Watch out for brand new keys that you have just had cut - force one of these and a bad cut could make it snap straight away. Whatever the original lock problem that caused it, you need it fixed immediately. CraftLock locksmiths are only a call away, with a rapid response available in East Birmingham and Solihull. Nothing to worry about!


Handle Doesn't Move Properly?!

Again, this could be all to do with some of the lock problems already described. Whatever you do, don't force it - it could make things so much worse! At a recent job in Birmingham, a customer couldn't close his door properly. After examination I found that it was fixable quite quickly - yet the same sort of initial problem could equally mean a full replacement is necessary. I will always do my best to repair something for you if I can :-)



Emergency Locksmith Services - CraftLock Ltd is an emergency locksmith service, providing rapid response in the following areas: Birmingham B33, B25, B26; Solihull B90, B91, B92 and Knowle B93. Example response time for Knowle B93 9LQ = 40 minutes.

CraftLock is a local locksmith based in Yardley, working regularly in the adjoining districts of Sheldon and Olton to supply residents with the locks and services they need.  New services are now opened up to assist Birmingham City Centre residents and landlords.  Also includes lock fitting / security upgrades for flats in Edgbaston.