Lock Fitting

A free locksmith security survey (i.e. all about your locks!) and a free quote is available in East Birmingham and Solihull. If you have a UPVC or plastic door, then this means you will have a cylinder (or 'barrel') lock. If you have a wooden door, you probably have a mortice-type or nightlatch. Feel free to call and chat to me about your security needs and matching them to your lifestyle. SEE BELOW for set prices or email service@craftlock.co.uk to request a bespoke deal. Still confused? Speak direct to Ewan the locksmith on 07548 989 151.


To make your policy valid, many home insurers insist upon the use of ‘British Standard’ locks that display the kite-mark logo. They guarantee a minimum standard of locking security. Cheap locks give little protection against a violent physical attack and are often prone to mechanical malfunction. A failed lock will result in you being locked-out of (or in!) your home at an inconvenient time, or could even leave your home insecure until you can arrange for it to be repaired when a locksmith can come.

Top quality locks will exceed British Standard, offering increased protection against non-traditional threats such as LOCK SNAPPING. Also known as cylinder snapping, this is where a criminal can very easily break in-half the cylinder of a UPVC/plastic door and quickly gain entry to a property.

CraftLock offers a number of British Standard locks that are also anti-snap. The very best locks however, which meet the 3 Star/ TS-007 standards, are generally not available in shops or DIY stores. The highest technological standard at present is generally considered by locksmiths to be the Sold Secure 'Diamond' standard . These can all be fitted for you by CraftLock.


Which Cylinder?!

  • The minimum recommendation is to have a cylinder (or barrel) that is 'snap resistant' or 'anti-snap'. To leave yourself unprotected against the criminal trend of lock snapping is not something you want to regret later. Anti-snap locks in the shops are expensive, but the entry-level anti-snap euro cylinder from CraftLock locksmiths is a bargain at £25 :-)
  • The general recommendation from a locksmith for a replacement euro-cylinder is to go for a British Standard one with the anti-snap feature. Your lock will meet rigorous vulnerability and manufacturing tests and your insurer is left in no doubt about the quality of lock you have installed. Not all of the British Standard locks on the market are anti-snap, so watch out!
  • If you have a special concern about security, or you live in a property that you would consider high-value compared to others, then the Sold Secure Diamond Standard is for you. It is unbeatable, in terms of regulatory certification AND physical strength. If you have one already, well done! Sold Secure is the standard recommended by the Master Locksmiths Association.

Lock Fitting Packages

CraftLock locksmiths take pride in fitting you locks that will serve you well for many years.  All locks provided are high quality items that you can rely on and feel safe with as a protection for your home.  All-inclusive replacement packages below include labour and the cost of parts (set prices for the areas around Yardley, Sheldon, Olton and most of Solihull).

****New Pricing Structure Imminent For 2018 - Coming Soon!*****

Budget Lock Cylinder Replacement = £

Replace 1x UPVC eurocylinder to British Standard BS3621 = £

Replace 2x UPVC eurocylinder to British Standard BS3621 = £

Replace 3x UPVC eurocylinder to British Standard BS3621 = £

Replace 1x mortice 'Chubb' lock to BS3621 = £

Replace 5x UPVC window lock handle = £

Upgrade Yale lock / Nightlatch to BS3621:2007 = £ (special offer!)

New key set and barrel for Yale lock / Nightlatch = £

Garage Door Handle = £

Patio Door Handle / Patio Door Lock = Prices vary - please call!

Letterbox Security / Postbox Vandalism = please call to arrange a visit.

Upgrade 1x domestic cylinder to Sold Secure 'Diamond' (Master Locksmiths recommended!) = £*

Sash Stoppers = please call to see how these will be appropriate to your home.

Bathroom Locks = £

General Repairs to UPVC Doors and Windows = please call to arrange a visit.

Letterbox and Door Handle replacement also available - please call!

PatLock French Door Security (product only) = £

Ask us about matching all your locks to the same key!

* * *

Ultimate Home Secure Package (3 locks) = £ [special offer!!!]

Have the highest possible standard with the Ultimate Home Secure Package - 3 locks, each 3-Star Rated, Anti-Snap and Sold Secure 'Diamond' Standard - all working from the same key.

CALL: 07548 989 151 or EMAIL: service@craftlock.co.uk


Better Quality Locks

As you would expect when you have asked a locksmith to secure your home, the items you are provided with are superior quality.  Most basic locks from CraftLock locksmiths are from quality European manufacturers.  Many are direct from UK factories where they take as much pride in their products as I do fitting them for you.  These are all priced very competitively too.


Summary of Locksmith Services: CraftLock Ltd can assist you with a variety of local locksmith services including lock fitting, lock changes and locked-out situations. Lock problems such as UPVC doors that are stuck, doors that do not close properly, broken patio doors, or even a cylnder lock that does not turn or a jammed key. You may also have a broken key or lost key. Garage doors/garage door handles can also be fixed or replaced by CraftLock locksmiths.

A Free Security Survey is also available in East Birmingham and in Solihull, at the following post codes: B33, B25, B26, B46, B90, B91, B92, B93 and B94.

CraftLock Ltd locksmith services now also serves Birmingham City Centre and Edgbaston!